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Reveille FAQ



Reveille is a fine to medium textured cool season turfgrass

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Reveille FAQ

What kind of grass is Reveille?
Reveille is a fine to medium textured cool season turfgrass, a cross between Kentucky Bluegrass (poa pratensis) and Texas Bluegrass (poa arachnifera).

What makes Reveille different or better?
Reveille can provide a year around green lawn  in warm climates with low maintenance requirements. No more overseeding in the southern states.  
In cool season climates it will require 30-50% less water than typical cool season grasses depending on soil prep. Reveille will also stay green longer during hot summer months.  In areas in the upper Midwest Reveille will out perform all bluegrass and Tall fescue in nonirrigated sites.

What areas of the country will Reveille be adapted to?
Reveille will perform well in all areas of the country with exception of the extreme Northeast and Northwest because of high precipitation.   It is adapted to areas that stretch from Canada to Mexico.

When will Reveille be available?
Reveille is available now in CO, NM, East Texas, MT, KS and can be delivered from any of these locations across the country.

What will Reveille cost?
The cost will vary by location. Please contact your local distributor for pricing.

Will seed be available?
Seed is available now! Seed can be purchased directly from Gardner Turfgrass, Inc.  Click on the Quote link for pricing.

Where can I see Reveille?
Contact your local distributor for the location nearest you.

How much water will it need?
Reveille will require approximately one third of pan evaporation. It prefers to be watered deep but infrequently. As with any turfgrass the amount of water needed by the plant will vary with soil and weather conditions.
In cooler areas Reveille will require 30-50% less water than other cool season varieties.  Studies have shown Reveille to remain green after 40 days with no water (rain or irrigation).
Water Usage for a Traditional Colorado Lawn Using Reveille Turf
(Inches per week)
        April   May    June    July     Aug     Sept.    Oct      Average
  .19”     .56”     .93”       .93”       .75”      .56”      .37”      .56”
Daily Average for 7 months is 2.03mm per day
This information was extrapolated from  NCWCD  turfgrass water study and CSU research done on Reveille.
What is the proper watering schedule for Reveille?
In establishing a new Reveille lawn water daily or more in warmer climates (keep grass squishy wet) for the first 10-14days. Once established water Reveille when the plant begins to show the initial stage of dehydration (turf will retain footprints after being walked on.) Water the turf to wet the soil to a depth of 6-8 inches (it may be necessary to cycle the irrigation more than once through each area to prevent runoff and obtain the necessary moisture penetration). Reveille needs a dry down period between watering. Do not water on a daily basis once established.

What height should it be mowed at?
Mowing height range is 1/2 – 3 inches. Reveille has performed very well at lower mowing heights.  Optimal height is 3/4 to 2 inchs.  
We have Reveille in a couple of sites in its native state (no mowing).  The results have been outstanding.   This is a great application for golf course roughs or roadside revegatation.  Reveille will make a great replacement for areas using K31 tall fescue.
What about mowing frequency?
Just like any other turf, Reveille should have the mowing frequency adjusted to the growth rate at various times of the year.
Studies have shown that Reveille’s vertical growth is slower than both warm and cool season grasses.  In the southern climate Reveille will need mowing as little as once a month during midsummer and winter months. Expect once every 10 days in spring and fall.  In cooler northern climates (Colorado) once every 10-14 days during summer months and 14-21 days in early spring and fall. 
A good rule of thumb is never remove more than one third of the leaf blade at a single mowing.

Can it be mowed with a rotary mower?
Yes, but with either a rotary or reel mower it is always important to keep the blade sharp to give the best finished appearance.

How does Reveille handle traffic?
Study conducted by Ohio State University has shown that Reveille is superior to Kentucky Bluegrass in sports/traffic conditions.  Reveille is great for pets, kids and ball fields. 

Warm Season
As with all cool season grasses, Reveille will not tolerate high traffic as well as most warm season varieties (bermudagrass) because of its slower recovery rate. 


Does Reveille spread?
Yes, Reveille is a rhizomatous grass and will spread  moderately when compared to warm season grasses.  It is superior to Kentucky bluegrass in cool season areas.
When should Reveille be fertilized?
Fertilize in the early spring/late winter and fall. Do not apply nitrogen fertilizers during the summer months. Apply iron in the summer to keep the grasses deep green color.
What type of fertilizer and how much should be applied?
The amount and type of fertilizer used should always be based on soil tests performed for your specific location. A good rule of thumb is 5 lbs per 1000 sq. ft. of preplant (starter) fertilizer for new sod and a good balanced slow release fertilizer in spring and fall 15-15-15 or 16-4-8 at a rate of 6 lbs per 1000 sq. ft. per year
How does it do in shade?
Reveille has moderate to good shade tolerance. The results of a two year shade test under live oaks at Texas A&M have shown that Reveille is equal to or better than Tall Fescue.  Remember all turfgrasses prefer sunlight to shade.
What diseases can it get?
Reveille can be susceptible to brown patch. Improper watering and over fertilization greatly enhance the occurrence of brown patch.

What herbicides can be used on Reveille?
Herbicides, both post-emergent and pre-emergence, that are labeled for Kentucky Bluegrass have worked well with Reveille.

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