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Reveille in Alto, NM 2009


   You probably don’t remember me since it’s been over three years since you sent me some Reveille seed to plant a lawn in Alto, NM.  Right after I planted the seed, I was transferred to Puerto Rico for 18 months to assist with a golf resort project.  When I returned, I spent the winter at home, then went to Chicago for four months the following year.  During my periods of absence, no one tended to the lawn and it just kept surviving.  The results are incredibly satisfying (see picture above).  So much so that my neighbor just installed about 1000 sq. ft. of sod and a local landscape nurseryman is planning to install some lawns locally.  To say the least, I am amazed at the durability of Reveille through periods of drought and heavy rains combined with two mild winters.  Thank you again for the wonderful seed.
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“I went with Reveille sod – it’s a low-water hybrid bluegrass and is amazing. We did good soil prep and by the end of summer I was only watering once a week (occasionally twice when we had those stretches in the 90s). The roots are a foot deep and it’s gorgeous.”

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