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We get many calls each year regarding the pricing of sod

We get many calls each year regarding the pricing of sod.  Most calls start out with “how much do you charge for a roll of sod? Or how much do you charge for a pallet of grass?”  Although these are legitimate questions if comparing sod prices of different farms the caller may not get the best deal available.  Why you might ask, well not every roll or pallet of sod is equal.  Even within our own locations they are different.  In Denver our sod comes in 10 sq. ft. rolls and 640 sq. ft. per pallet.  The Albuquerque 5 sq. ft. rolls and 400 per pallet and El Paso farms are 5 sq. ft. rolls and 500 sq. ft. per pallet.  In this scenario let’s say Denver prices its sod at 22 cents per sq. ft. Albuquerque is 28 cents and El Paso is 25 cents.  (sod pricing is for example purposes only)

Sod Pricing Comparison

Denver Sod Prices                  Albuquerque  Sod Prices                    El Paso Sod Prices

Roll      2.20                                        1.40                                                   1.25

Pallet    140.80                                112.00                                              125.00

If you were just using the original question as your basis you would assume that Denver has the most expensive sod and might choose one of the others when we know that this in far from the truth.  Let’s relook at this scenario again using pricing by the sq. ft.   You know that you need 2000 square feet (sq. ft.) to finish your backyard.

Denver                                 Albuquerque                            El Paso
Sq. Ft.
2000            440.00                                     560.00                                  500.00

You have just saved a minimum of 60.00 and as much as 120.00 by making sure that you are comparing apples to apples.  Something else that is worth pointing out is that when pricing don’t just make a swag (wild guess) on sq. ft. and think you are getting a good comparison.  Sod pricing is not the same no matter how many sq. ft. you order.  There are built in price breaks (different on other farms) depending on how much you order.  The more you order the cheaper the price.  Measure first and call second to be sure you are getting accurate pricing.  Keep this in mind when you are getting ready to order sod.  If you live in a new neighborhood you might go in with a neighbor and order together to get better pricing because of the larger quantity ordered.

One final thing to keep in mind, the above holds true if you are purchasing sod from a nursery, box store or sod outlet.  If one outlet is selling sod for 3.00 a roll and the other is 5.00 make sure they are the same size rolls!


Homeowner “Why do you charge for delivery and the last company I called said it is free?

I can assure you that it is not free the cost is built into the pricing somewhere.  Trucking is way too expensive to give away.  The fuel cost alone can be as high as 2.00 a loaded mile and most farms are located well outside their respective metropolitan areas.

Ask for a total price including any applicable taxes to get a true comparison.

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